Orthodox Saint of the Day Book

A daily reading of 366 saints from the Orthodox tradition

The objective of this book is for each Knight of the Order to have a daily saints reading to give each Knight encouragement in their own daily life. The example of these saints, many of whom gave their life for their faith, is one which we should emulate. We do not need to give up our wealth or move to the desert and live in a cave, but we do need to follow these saints example of loving God and living in his Holy Will.

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Table of Contents


Orthodox Canonization Of Saints

Patriarchates Of The Orthodox Church

Ecumenical Patriarch

Orthodox Pascha (Easter) Dates

Icons In Orthodoxy

Incorrupt Relics



January Saints

February Saints

March Saints

April Saints

May Saints

June Saints

July Saints

August Saints

September Saints

October Saints

November Saints

December Saints

Sources For The Saint Of The Day