Alchechengi: Care And Cultivation Of The Fruit

The alchechengi is an annual and perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Solanaceae family and is native to Mexico and North America. It is a species which can be found in the world in 100 and more specimens, which produce a single berry with a scarlet shade enclosed in a showy swollen calyx, long up to 5 cm, which becomes orange in autumn...

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Viburnum Tinus Or Lentago: Care And Cultivation

The Viburnum Tinus is an evergreen plant with bushy behavior that gives splendid and abundant blooms, reaching a height of almost 3 meters. It grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean areas, normally near Holm oaks, laurels and strawberry trees. Its leaves are roundish with a pointed tip, deep green and glossy. It produces inedible dark blue berries that reach maturity in September.

Varieties of V...

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Plectranthus Or Incense Plant: Cultivation And Care

The scientific name of the incense plant is Plectranthus Coleidos. It is an evergreen that has its origin in tropical regions and belongs to the large family of Labiatae. It has the appearance of a bush and its leaves are green with white streaks at the edges. Both the stems and the leaves have a very thin down. Very small inflorescences grow there during the flowering period.

Incense Plant: Varie...

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Care And Cultivation Of Cyclamen

The rustic garden cyclamen, not to be confused with the Persian cyclamen, which has a larger size and is generally cultivated as a houseplant, is a plant that produces beautiful flowers, with a delicate appearance and the particular coloring that crosses all shades of pink.

Cyclamen are very welcome guests in our gardens, thanks to the fragrant and lively autumn flowering, the good adaptability an...

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The 10 Flowers To Plant In Spring

With the arrival of the beautiful days the desire for color, fragrance and life grows.

The best way to celebrate the arrival of summer is to plant flowers to decorate your gardens, terraces and balconies.

Spring flowers are a combination of beauty, delicacy and fragrance that make the outdoor areas of the house beautiful and pleasant, enriching them with a feminine and delicate touch that, as well...

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Crassule, Green Sculptures Of Succulent Plants

To this genus of succulent plants belong more than one hundred species of grasses and shrubs with prostrate or erect stems, often richly ramified, carrying fleshy leaves (the name comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means “fat” due to the nature of the leaves), opposite or welded to the base (amplessicauli).

The flowers, usually small, are at the apex of inflorescences called “cymes”, and are pr...

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Aquatic Plants: Characteristics And Cultivation

Aquatic plants are a scenic alternative for any type of green space and garden. The term “aquatic” or “hydrophytic” or “hydrophytic” refers to those plants that have managed to adapt to survive in or near aquatic environments and which, in order to develop harmoniously and effectively, need abundant quantities of water.

How Aquatic Plants Are Classified

These plants have different ways of developi...

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Mediterranean Plants: How To Grow Them In Your Garden

The plants of the Mediterranean maquis

Mediterranean plants are mostly shrubs and flowers that grow in the warm, dry areas around the seas.

The ecosystem is typical of the Italian peninsula and all the countries of the Mediterranean basin, however it is also present in some areas of the world such as California.

The species that make up the bush are called sclerophylls, i.e...

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