Perennial Plants And More: Here Are The 7 Easiest Varieties To Grow

Do you dream of a lush balcony without too much effort? Choose perennials. In botany, perennials are considered to be varieties that live several years. Even plants that renew their stem and maintain the same roots, such as cyclamen, can be classified as perennials. To grow them, you need to plant them in a corner of the balcony where they can grow undisturbed over time and, every year, you need to prune them to prevent them from growing too much.

The most important thing is to identify the most suitable varieties for your balcony, by virtue of their size, exposure and the time you can dedicate to their care and cultivation.

Here is a list of 7 varieties of perennials and more that will undoubtedly look great on your balcony: it is up to you to choose, according to your tastes and the characteristics of your space.


Geraniums are undoubtedly a more classic and common variety of perennial plants. The flowering of geranium with many different colours and scents is summer and then, during the winter period, the bushes with leaves remain, very easy to care for.


This variety is also known as the white Christmas rose. It is a winter plant that is very resistant to cold and frost. In order to tolerate heat well, however, hellebore needs to be placed in a shady, cold place.


From September onwards the cyclamen is one of the few winter flowers that can withstand low temperatures. The care it needs is few and even those who are not familiar with gardening can find themselves with a flowery balcony (almost) all year round without too much effort.


In this case it is not a winter plant, but a spring variety. Primrose is a colourful and fun plant and is really easy to care for: with small, simple care and attention, you will be able to keep them alive for as long as possible.


Hydrangeas are plants with large dimensions and many colours, from lilac to white, from green to blue. This variety of ornamental shrub blooms in summer and needs to be placed in a shady, though bright, place. The hydrangea needs to be watered regularly, but without excess watering.


When we look at the lavender, we are immediately reminded of the French fields of Provence. Lavender has a thousand uses and advantages: it drives away mosquitoes, but it can also be used to perfume the wardrobe and as an aromatic herb to prepare a good herbal tea.


Strong and cheerful, daisies represent spring. But the plant continues to live even in winter and the care needed to make it survive is very few.

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